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Published 01/08/2002
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More messages to the National Champs

Jan. 8, 2002

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- Vincente Southall, Aviano, Italy to Canes: The Hurricanes did me proud this year... Congratulations on # 5 especially since it came over Nebraska. The team of the 80's has returned.

Bill Coll, Catoosa, Oklahoma to The entire team and coaching staff: You made all the "CANE" family very proud.I hope greed will not ruin what could be a return for #6. Again, great job and super reward for the fruits of your hard work and dedication. GO CANES!!

Ron Lane, St. Augustine, Fl. to Coach Larry Coker: congratulations on a phenomenal season. am '63 miami grad & still follow football team & make a few home games. I met you @ the Jacksonville Quarterback Club & will hopefully see you again next year. You're great!!!!

Kip Sullivan, Phoenix, Arizona to the team: Thanks for all you have achieved. You showed the true meaning of the words TEAM EFFORT and brought great honor to the program. I live in the west and am not able to see many games, but was able to see more than my fair share this year. Seeing the Rose Bowl live was an absolute treat. Hail to the champs!

Bob Adams, Orlando/FL to the whole team: I grew up next to the campus in Miami during the 60s. I am so proud of all of you, the players, coaches, administrators. What class you bring to the University and City of Miami. Thanks!

Joseph R. & Sandra F. Samoske, Salinas, CA to Team: We hope that all of you will cherish every minute of the Rose Bowl for the rest of your lives. You didn't just win a game, you made a statement to the rest of college football fans in the U.S.!!! The way that you handled yourselves during the season, the time leading up to the Rose Bowl and after the game, showed nothing but character and class. You gave all of the Canes at the game a big, big thrill!!! Congratulations---you're a fine group of young men and we wish all of you much success in your future endeavors.

Derek Dreyfus, Dublin, CA to Congrats on your wonderful season: Being a life long Cane fan you have made my year!!! Living out here on the west coast it sometimes hard to get back east to see the games in person. In 2000 the only game I was able to attend was the UW game that was your only loss 29-34. I knew going into this year it was payback for many things including the BcS scam of last year. This year I was able to travel back to watch the UW / Cuse and the Grand Daddy of them all the ROSE BOWL. Not only did I have a the time of my life this year ribbing UF and FSU fans but I plan on doing it next year as well ,). I plan on being at 8 or 9 games next year so keep the momentem going to congrats once again.

Eric Luttig, Fowler, MI Ken Dorsey: Ken Dorsey you are the best quarterback in the league and if I were to pick the person for the heisman trophy it would of been you.You are an outstanding guy and a very special leader to your team. I really loved watching you this year and good luck next year. Also thanks for being a true hero and making a good year in football this year.

The Fitzpatricks', Hollywood/California to 'Canes Coaches & Players: You believed in yourselves and the dreams that God gave you to believe. Congratulations on a job well done, and a commitment to be champions.

Tony, Jim, Jimmy & Chris

Bruce Ramsburg, Alexandria, VA to All: Congrats guys, you were awesome. Enjoy it and see on at the Orange Bowl next year.

Tyler Davis, Albuquerque/New Mexico to Edward Reed and Najeh Davenport: Ed and Najeh,
Congratulations on an excellent season and I will miss watching you guys on T.V. and I just wanted to tell you guys that your team was awsome this year and I wanted to know if you guys Know where I could Buy a Authentic Miami Hurricanes Football Jersey because I want to show everybody who the real Champs are.

Your True Dogg,
Tyler Davis

Daniel Walker, West Jeff., ohio to The Head Coach: You did very well for your 1st year.. I am glad you beat Nebraska because i always loved the Hurricanes

Mark Frye, Raleigh, NC toKen Dorsey: Congratulations from a former Miami Hurricane student. Would love to see another championship and the Heisman next year. Keep up all the hard work.

Tracy Goggin, Pembroke Pines, FL to The Whole Team: Hi, I am SOOOO Happy for you guys. I am glad that the University didn't put an end the football program like alot of the people had wanted to after the 5-6 season. I was a "Band of the Hour" member from '87-'91 - I loved those years! I continue to buy season tickets and have stuck with the Canes through everything. I love the current Canes just like I loved the Canes that I saw while in Band. You guys are so classy and GREAT!It was great to see the Seniors who could've left early stay, it shows alot of character and heart. Good luck to those moving on and to the others I can't wait to see you next season. I am already starting to have football withdrawal! I bleed Orange and Green!

Cindy (David) Lavery & Scott Lavery, Phoenix, Az. to All Coaches @ Players:

Congrats Guys! You'all were awesome! We had such a great time in Pasadena! Thank you for restoring the greatness & dignity to our football program! You truly are the best! National Champs! Savor this for the rest of your lives-noone can take it away from you! You guys are a class act-don't lose that! To you juniors-PLEASE STAY! Continue the excellence & tradition. The NFL will still be there,your college years won't.We're so proud of you & so proud to be National Champion Hurricanes!!!
We look forward to welcoming you to Phoenix in 2003 for the Nat'l. Championship Game at the Fiesta Bowl! We'll definitely be there too! Enjoy your time in the limelight-you truly deserve it! Congrats again!!!

susan rosenblum, lakewood, nj to clinton portis: don't leave us...we still have another championship in us for next year. the money will still be there the following year!

Scott Kukla, San Mateo/ California (Bay Area) to Ken Dorsey: I can't say enough. This miami fan as well as the entire bay area is very proud of you and your accomplishments. Personally you are the most down to earth high profile athletes I have ever meet. Thank you for taking the time to sign my football after the lost a Wash. Congratulations once again and good luck next and in the future.

Miami Football Second To None Regardless

kris clute, orlando, fl to gore: whoopty whoop...keep it real for next year, got to see back to back

Chris Miller, Alta Loma, CA to Entire Team: You guys were awesome, their is no controversy this year. You dominated the entire year. Bring on the Carolina Panthers, if you guys want a challenge. Good luck in the NFL seniors. GO CANES!!!!!

Barbara Kirkland, Neptune Beach/Florida to The Team!: Way to go guys! I have been a ticket holder for 10 years and have known we would be there again. THANKS for a GREAT season.

Kyle Webster, Elberton, Ga. to Ed Reed: Congrats Ed on coming back for your senior year and winning the National Title. You are the epitomy of what a Cane truly is.

Jerry Tuttle, Winter Haven, Fla. to The Whole Team: Thanks for your hard work and dedication to win.You guy's truly played with class and are the best national champ's ever !

Brett Parker, Panama City, FL toThe 2001 Hurricane Team: Congratulations guys. I have been following you guys all season. Thanks for the great memories and I can't wait 'til next season to watch you guys go for back to back National Championships. Go Canes!!!

J Big Daddy Cane Pearce, Atl, GA to The Team: We hung tough with you guys for the last 6 years. We are so proud of the accomplishments you guys have made and with the Class you displayed. Tight might be all time best team. GO CANES! We Love YA BABY

Joe Hoon, Wilmington, Delaware to Ed Reed: Congratulations!!! You guys really deserve it, no team has worked harder and had more focus this entire season. You lead by example on the field and you are a great emotional leader in the locker room, I really admire that and the fact you came back for your senior season. I have been a Hurricanes fan since the '87 Fiesta Bowl and the last 5 months have been the most memorable. Thank you.

Courtney Dodson, Arlington, TX to Jeremy Shockey #88: I'd like to congratulate the entire Miami team for a wonderful season and a well-deserved National Championship, and especially Jeremy Shockey, a fellow member of Ada High School's Class of '99. Congrats Jeremy and the 'Canes!

Rodolfo Tomarchio, ami/Florida tonk Gore and Jonathan Vilma:What a way to represent Gables high as two of the greatest players to come out of here. Go Canes/Cavs!!! Frank your rushing record is safe for a long time to come best of luck at Miami next year for #6!

Kevin DiVincenzo, w Haven, West Virginia to Players And Coaches: Congratulations,Let's do it again in 2002

Rodolfo Tomarchio, ami/Florida to Joaquin Gonzales: It finally paid off! You probably now have no doubts about rejecting Harvard back in 1997. I have been a CANES fan for a long time and was also around for the hard times like the 5-6 season. And The losses to Penn State in the rain. But I knew one day we would rise again! From when Edgerrin James and the 'Canes rolled over UCLA, Wide Right 3 against FSU, Whippin' the Gator's last year @ the Sugar Bowl and Bourbon St. There was no doubt this would be the year. Thanks for playing through the hard times and not playing for another school Miami needed you, the just didn't know it when you weren't recruited that first year. Congrats again and good luck in the NFL. Imagine if you, Romberg,Bibla, Sherko Haji-Rasjouli, and McKinnie ended up on the same team when all of you move on? You guys were an NFL caliber O-Line this year!

Walt Boyer, Jacksonville, Fl to The Entire UM Football Team: CONGRADULATIONS....on behalf of the fans here in Jacksonville (which I am always trying to increase) and the fans (family) overseas in Spain, you guys kept this season perfect and we are proud of you and proud to be 'Canes. Again congradulations on a perfect season, a tremendous win over Nebraska , and bringing the National Championship back to Miami from your greatest fan in Jacksonville Walt Boyer

Darius Spegal, Paris, Kentucky to The Whole Team: You did it!!!!! Each and every player, coach, and fan has got our wishes, and thats The Canes becoming the national champions. Each of you did a fantastic job this season and i hope to see you guys in the national championship game next year. Thank you and God bless you you national champions

Jerry Schuman, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois to Coach Coker and all the Canes: Congratulations Coach to your staff and all the players, we were at the Rose Bowl to watch you shuck the huskers and all their big red fans. You all did a great job. Congratulations again on a terrific season.

ben yates, Minnesota to Ken Dorsey: hey ken, wadup? congrats on your win i wanna thank you for sending me a card and signing it for me (my dad went to miami graduated in 69 RIC YAtES) i know i am gonna frame the card. I am a huge fan I watched Every minute of the miami games and recorded them and watched the BC game and the V-tech game and the FSU game about five times each. I was wondering why you didn't pass to beard a lot in the ROSE BOWL GO CANES

David Estefano, Dallas, Texas to Bryant McKinnie: Congrats on a great year and career. You are the best ever at your position and deserved the Heisman. Can't wait to see you in the pros, just wish you could come to the Cowboys.
To Phillip Buchannon: Don't leave! You're clearly the best in the nation, but we won't have anything in the secondary if you bolt. Anyways, congrats on a great year and the championship that you all deserved. Go Canes!
to: Jeremy Shockey: Congrats! You had an awesome season and have proved to everyone what I've been saying for two years now that you were the best in the nation. Please stay for your senior year and teach our new freshman TE from Oklahoma the ropes and bring us another title! Again, Congrats! Come to the Cowboys!!

Jerry Kivler Jr., Nanticoke, PA to Martin Bibla: Martin, Congratulations! Glad you choose Miami over PSU, and PITT. I use to lift with your brother Tom at Golds Gym, How is he doing?

The Oxley Family, Melbourne, Fl to Matt Walters: Way to go Matt, great to see a local kid win the National Title. We look forward to watching you next season.

Chris Alford, Milledgeville, GA to Ken Dorsey: Kenny, Great poise - Great leadership -We are all very proud of you and UM for winning in a respectful manner, but continuing to DOMINATE as MIAMI should. Be ready for UF and UT next year. GO CANES!!!

gary chaney, Melbourne, Florida to Team: I was at the game and I thank the whole team for putting the canes back on track where we were in the late 80's before Dennis Erickson screwed it all up. Thanks guys and best of luck in your futures.

Michael G. Dunn, N.O.La. to Edward Reed: Thanks for holding it down for The Big Easy!

Vinnie Starley, Thomaston, GA to Ken Dorsey: Great job Ken. We all saw who should have won the Heisman. Hopefully you will win it next season alond with your second title. I have a picture of us together after the Penn State game. I am going to send a copy to you. Hopefully you could find the time to autograph it and send it back to me. I'll include a return envelope. Well keep on making all of us proud. Proud of the best QB to ever play at QB U.
To All coaches & players, I've been a fan since 1989. I lost a close friend who was a Cane's fan. So I picked up where he left off. Anyway I loved the whole Rose Bowl experience. I would like to thank Coach Coker, Coach Chudzinski, Coach Shannon and the rest of your great staff. I would also like to thank all of the seniors for not leaving early. And I am beseeching the underclassmen to stay for another title. Because to really set yourselves apart as the greatest Miami team ever, you MUST WIN back-to back. So lets come back Clinton, Phillip and Jeremy.

Will Haynes, Tullahoma, TN, tp everybody: Thanks for winning it all for last years players that deserved it also

todd saucedo, orlando to ken dorsey: ken, i just want to congratulate you on an amazing season, as a lifelong canes fan it has been incredible watching you guys dominate with such force and to do so with amazing talent and class and composure, you are hands down the best qb in the nation and you proved it thursday, what a game, thanks for giving us a championship to remember, and thanks for setting the example for others by staying for your senior year, with you at the helm i know we will continue to achieve great things, once again congratulations on a fine season


Earl Truncer, Colorado Springs, CO. to Dorsey and Team: I'm so happy your hard work to overcome sanctions and last's years BCS snub proved worthwhile. You deserve and earned the right to be called NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!! Been a canes fan since Lou Saben was coach in 80. I love 'em.

devin josepj, lutcher, La to Edward reed: i'm just writng this letter to u to tell u that u had a great season and have a great season in the nfl thank u

Duane Thomas, Miami, FL to All the Seniors on the team: Congrats Champs!! I've been a fan since the Canes dominated back in the 80s & early 90s. I am proud of the dedication you showed to this program in the down years until now. Your character and spirit is unmatched and no one deserves this title more than each of you. Thank You and good luck in the Pros. Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!


jeff crane, tacoma,wa to all underclassmen: stay in school so we can do it again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!

scott saiz, sunrise, fl to whole team: great win!! you guys were awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Bruce, Cheyenne, WY to Freddie Capshaw : Congrats! I have been a 'Cane fan since 1984 and couldn't have been prouder than on Thursday night watching the game with 9 Nebraska fans. What a great feeling to be one of the only Cane fans in Wyoming, that you made very proud. Enjoy it, you deserve it.

Travis Walker, Jupiter, FL to Larry Coker: Dear Larry,
Thank you for stepping in and keeping the ship sailing in the right direction. Many Hurricanes fans were pretty mad at the way coach Davis left the program last year. I've been a loyal Canes fan my whole life and have been waiting a long time to see the Canes back on top. The years of of probation where very long and painful, especially since all my frinds and family are Noles and Hokies fans. I just wanted to say Thank You for the great job you did this year! You have made Hurricanes fans everywhere proud once again. From what I have seen of you in interviews and such you are a modest man which I sincerly admire but you deserve alot more credit than most people gave you this season! You have joined a select few coaches who have won the National Championship, and undifeated and undisputed at that. Many CONGRADULATIONS and THANKS. Keep up the EXCELLENT work. GO CANES!!
Thankfully yours,
Travis Walker

Lamar Hicks ( Hurricane fan since '87), Clarksdale,MS to The Undisputed 5 time National Champs: Finally..The Championship has come back...To the Canes!!!You guys are the best! I'm happy for coaches and the seniors! You guys should be back 2 back Champs, but I know that this championship is special just the same.Keep the hunger and so you guys can do it again next football season!

Luis Feigenbaum, Miami/FL to Ed Reed: Represented from the NO, to the MI, and in the LA, Miami running this! Good luck in the pros! Thanks!

Louis A. Cosmelli, Tampa, FL. to Larry Coker & Ed Reed: It is no secret that the key to success in sports is focus, confidence, and attitude. Hurricane football has so much of these attributes that they could probably lend some to other schools. You make us all proud of your hard work and dedication. You are the best!!!

Derek Perry, Austin, TX Clinton Portis to: You guys really did it with class. Congrats and good luck in the future!

Chris Bell, Orlando, Florida to Coaches Greg Mark & Rob Chudzinski: Hi Greg & Chud CONGRATULATIONS!! you have done an outstanding job- wear those rings proudly. It feels great to be back on top again. Take Care,
your former teammate,
Chris Bell

Barbara Lightsey-Jordan, Laurel, Mississippi to Clinton Portis: Congratulations on being the national champs. The game was exciting. Great things are expected of you from the people of your hometown. You have truly proven to be great on the football field as well as a great role model for young people. I saw the article in ESPN, very nice. Take care and keep up the good work.

Jeff Greaver, Plantation, FL to Everyone!!: Way to go CANES!!


Anthony Girard, Gainesville, Fl to Clinton Portis: I just wanted to say Congradulations on a perfect season and a great career at the University of Miami. I grew up in Miami and live in Gainesville since 1991, I loved watching you at Gainesville high. and then 3 yrs at Miami. From a fan point of view, I would love to watch you 1 more year but I know you have to what is best for you and your family. I will watch you in the NFL next season. Thanks for the last 3 yrs.

Errin Camner, Miami, FL to The Whole Team and Athletic Department: Dear Canes, I am so proud and happy to be a canes fan. I always have been and have stuck by you guys through thick and thin. It is just so great to know that the rest of the nation now sees what we Canes fans have always known - that this team was not going to bow their heads and disappear from sanctions, that we are strong and spirited and have heart that can't be measured, and that of course, we are BACK. I want to thank all of you for a great season and for bringing a great big smile to my face. The Game was great and the athletic department definitely made it a lot more fun and easier to enjoy with the buses and tailgate (alumni dept.). The only thing I am sad about is that another season is over and that I will have to wait til next season to get to watch the team in action again. So far this has been a great 2002. Thanks and GO CANES!!!

Marc A. Lalley, Atlanta, GA to Team & Coaching Staff: Thanks for the most exciting college fooball season ever for Miami. Without a doubt this is the best Miami team ever! You are the envy of all of college football not only for the unbelievable talent that was on the field, but the class and sportsmanship that was displayed all year long on and off the field.

To the coaching staff, please try your best to keep all of the special FR, SO, JR players in school in iorder to make another run at the National Championship in '03.


Michael D. Epstein, Brookline, MA to UM FOOTBALL TEAM 2001 NATIONAL CHAMPS: Congrats fellas. Job well done. I saw you guys play both at Boston College and in the Rose B. In the end zone, section N. What a time, what a game. Way to go ! A repeat perhaps ?? Who knows ?? CONGRATS FELLAS. ONE FOR THE THUMB !!

Jay Davis, College Park, MD to Ken Dorsey: Loved every minute of it. Looking forward to another great year next year. Congratulations and good luck.

David Vesely, Kettering, OH to Ken Dorsey: I went to Nebraska, but you made me a Hurricane fan! Congratulations!

Michael Jones, Birmingham, Alabama to Coach Larry Coker: Coach, you make all Hurricane fans proud. Your humility and leadership make this one of the best National Championships the school has seen. I sure hope you stick around for some time. Thanks again and congratulations on an incredible season.

Nanette Killian, Orlando, FL to Ken Dorsey: I'm so Proud of all of you! Congratulations Perfect Storm!

jeff fleming, eensboro, nc totire hurricane football team: I have been a hurricane fan since 1983 . I was just about to bust when you won the national title. now i hope all the criticism stops. go canes!!!!!!!!

tyrone pressley, palm bay fl to team: congratulations everybody i love you guys

Padraic Ryan, Centerbrook, CT to Jeremy Shockey: Great game as always, congrats on winning the big one!!! Hey stick around next year to give us another one will ya?? Go Canes!!!

Kevin Rhodes, Friendswood,Texas to Ken Dorsey: What's up Dorsey.I know you should of won The Heisman this year you're my favorite on the whole team. I was one of the kids going around asking for autographs. I stayed at the same hotel you did in Los Angeles and I was on the same floor as you. I'm very glad you got the m.v.p. You were the best player on the field.
Your #1 fan
Kevin Rhodes

Philip Rhodes, Friendswood, Texas to Jeremy Shockey: What's up Shockey. great game. I loved it when you ran over that guy it was great! I stayed at the same hotel as you did. I was one of those kids who ran around asking for autographs. I was the one in the elevator with you and my dad said "hey mr. Shockey this young man wants to meet you." I live in Friendswood, Texas which is right outside of Houston,Texas. Your touchdown catch was awesome nobody could stop you. see ya next year at Miami or in the pros!
#1 fan
Philip Rhodes

Don and Dolores Pascale, Boynton Beach, Florida to The team: We were at the Rose Bowl in the sea of red that was quieted by your great performance offensively and defensively.Congratulations to a team with talent and class. It was a wonderful experience for us, as we're sure it was for you. GO CANES!!

coach jim cornillaud, northesat high st. pete fl to miami football team and coaches: what an outstanding year! your hard work and ablity to play as a team over the last two years has put you at number one. thanks for a great season you have won with class. go canes! coach cornillaud
northeast high school
st. petersburg florida

Brian Ageeb, Delray Beach, FL to Ken Dorsey: What a game! Glad I was there. I think that it is awesome that you are coming back next year. Let's repeat!!!

Mike Guske, Pittsburgh, PA to The Team: You guys are the greatest! Thanks for the great season.

Brenton Shephard, Seffner, FL to Ken Dorsey: Congratulations! I have always been a Miami fan threw thick and thin. Now it has payed off. You guys pounded everybody who got in your way and I got to go to the second funnest game of the year next to the rose bowl against Washington. I will be at the Florida State game next year. Congratulations again a

J.R MARQUEZ, Petersburg Tx to All the canes: Great job to the coaches and the players keep up the good work and hope to see another championship next year. GREAT JOB HURRICANES YOU ARE #1 NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.