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Published 10/11/2012
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Going the Distance: Sean Pezzulo

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -Now that we are half way thru the cross country season, let us continue to meet the student-athletes of the 2012 University of Miami cross country. Each week will introduce you to members of the team.

In addition, be sure to follow UM Track & Field/ Cross Country on Twitter (@MiamiTrack) for the latest news on the squad.

Continuing on the "Going the Distance" series, let us find out more about junior Sean Pezzulo...

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

High School: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake

Major: Advertising

 Why did you decide to attend the University of Miami? 

The beauty and warmth the advertising program and to experience undergrad far from home.

What was the best aspect of being part of Miami's Cross Country and Track teams? 

To be a part of a building program and to continue doing something I could never stop.

Being an excellent student as well, how hard has it been to juggle your academics along with training and meets?

It's all about being able to focus your time and energy in the right places while getting the rest needed for the sport. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice in either area but distance runners have a different type of drive so we tend to do it all.

You have led the Hurricanes in the first three competitions this season, what do you contribute your strong start to? 

After taking some down time last winter to recover from an injury there was nothing more I wanted than to get back to my full potential, I spent the spring and summer very focused and training hard, and although I am still not to where I can be the work is showing.

What are some of your goals for the remainder of the season?

The biggest and most important goal is to get out of our last place tradition at ACC's. We have the ability to really compete in the ACC but have fallen short too many times. I won't let it happen again

What do you feel was the biggest challenge you came across in since your arrival?

Adapting to the heat and humidity is always the big one people throw around but for me I think it was just adjusting my motivation to a college level where the competition is so deep.

What is/are the biggest difference(s) between high school cross country and running at the collegiate level?

High school tends to blind you from how many really good runners there are out there so when you get to college and become a small fish the only thing to do is train harder and put yourself in the game.

What did you do, both individually and as a team, to prepare right before a meet?

We always have a team meeting the night before to go over goals and the game plan, which fires us up with emotion and motivation. I think it is key that because so much of our team sport rests on each other that we are all on the same page when going in to a race.

What is your favorite workout?

I am a longer distance/ strength guy so I thrive on things like tempo runs or hill workouts, maybe the occasional mile repeat.

What do you do away from running and studying to relax?

I watch a lot of movies, anything from cheesy romantic comedies to animated flicks or hardcore action movies. I could watch movies all day.

Three words to describe you and why?

Confident because I always know what I want. Outgoing because I feel like I bring an intense energy to whatever I do. Stubborn, I won't rest until I am satisfied.