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Published 10/17/2012
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Going the Distance: Lindsi Arrington

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The University of Miami cross country teams have concluded their regular season and are currently preparing for the ACC Championship, which will be held on Oct. 27 in Blacksburg, Va. Each week, will introduce you to members of the cross-country and track and field programs.

In addition, be sure to follow UM track and field and cross-country on Twitter (@MiamiTrack) for the latest news on the squad.

Continuing on the "Going the Distance" series, let us find out more about the leader of the women's cross country team, junior Lindsi Arrington...

Hometown: Woodbridge, Va.

High School: Gar-Field HS

Major: Motion Pictures & English-Creative Writing, minoring in Theater


Why did you decide to attend the University of Miami? 

I had an amazing experience during my triple-purposed visit to the University, which was for athletics, a scholarship interview, and the annual Harambee weekend. I felt immediately a part of the student body and am presently closer to those I met over those few days than my present class. Also, as an aspiring film student, the city of Miami seemed promising of opportunities to network, meet and work with professionals in the field.


What was the best aspect of being part of Miami's Cross Country and Track teams? 

The best part of being a cross country and track athlete is the challenge to live up to the prestige that comes with the title. As passersby see the U while I'm out running, or on my bag when I travel, I feel there are immediate expectations that I feel obligated to not only meet, but also exceed.


Being an excellent student as well, how hard has it been to juggle your academics along with training and meets?

I have never truly known a life that does not consist of juggling academics with athletics and other extracurricular, so being a student-athlete presently has not been much of an issue. As long as I manage my time wisely and bring schoolwork along when we travel, it is not very difficult to maintain my GPA.


You have led the Hurricanes in the first three competitions this season, what do you contribute your strong start to? 

On the surface, I have been running more miles per week than I ever have before (60); I have intentionally made an effort to eat a more balanced diet (less pop-tarts, more fruit so to speak); and, as an upperclassman, I have taken on the responsibility to be more of a leader for the team, forcing me to work-out just that much harder. The foundation of all that, however, is a realization and recognition of the fact that I have been blessed with a bit of talent. There is a greater purpose to this thing called cross-country; and I feel both obligated and honored to make the most of it.


What are some of your goals for the remainder of the season?

I do not often make specific time goals for cross country; I simply want to be competitive in all the remaining races, ultimately setting substantial personal records after each one.


What do you feel was the biggest challenge you came across in since your arrival?

Being "in season" for three seasons a year and sometimes into the summer can be tiring, especially with the Thursday-Saturday traveling. My biggest challenge has been maintaining motivation to go on; by April, sometimes March, competing can become quite draining and unwelcome. 


What is/are the biggest difference(s) between high school cross country and running at the collegiate level?

Outside of the increase in mileage per week, there is not much difference between high school and collegiate cross country. Granted, being in Florida relative to Virginia, there have not been as man opportunities for adventure runs through random necks of the woods. That, I miss. 


What did you do, both individually and as a team, to prepare right before a meet?

The moments before the start of a race can be paralyzingly nerve-wracking, a team prayer and a couple of slow, deep breaths at the line carry me through to the firing of the gun.


What is your favorite workout?

"Favorite workout" is somewhat of an oxymoron. I like to run long, slow runs before the sun rises or as its setting. That, however, is not the way to becoming a better runner, so, though I cannot genuinely claim to have a favorite workout, I appreciate all of them. The end justifies the means.


What do you do away from running and studying to relax?

There is definitely a difference between what I like to do and what actually gets done, but I enjoy being outdoors during the early morning or evening, with close friends or alone, just to enjoy the atmosphere. Also, when inspired, I like to dabble in a bit of lyrical writing.


Three words to describe you and why?

Spiritual: some people cannot see the correlation between athletics or daily life in general and God; I, on the other hand, cannot see the distinction

Whimsical: epitomizing every sense of the word, I like to be spontaneous, making every day a little different if at all possible, given to in the moment plans, and enjoying conversations dictated by stream of consciousness type associations

Humanitarian: I really do long for world peace, for all homelessness, hunger, violence and disease to cease.