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Published 10/29/2012
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Going the Distance: Alexis Wright

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The University of Miami track and field teams are hard at work preparing for their upcoming season. Each week, will introduce you to members of the cross country and track and field programs.

In addition, be sure to follow UM Track & Field/ Cross Country on Twitter (@MiamiTrack) for the latest news on the squad.

Continuing on the "Going the Distance" series, find out about freshman jumper Alexis Wright...

Hometown: Tampa, Fla.

High School: Steinbrenner High School

Major: Microbiology

Why did you decide to attend the University of Miami? 

I decided to attend the University of Miami, because it was my first preferred choice to attend college. In addition, it is close enough to home that I can visit when necessary and far enough away that I have autonomy. Lastly, I decided to attend because I received the Ronald A. Hammond scholarship.


What was the best aspect of being part of Miami's track and field teams so far? 

So far the best aspect of being a part of the track team is everything. I honestly cannot say I enjoy one thing over the other. My most important goal of having improvement is fulfilled. It starts in the weight room, to the track, and even in study hall. In addition, the team is very open and warming that the transition wasn't difficult from high school to college.


You come to the University of Miami having a great amount of success during your senior year, what do you contribute that to? 

I'd say much of my success was a contributed to a great support group of family, friends and coaches. Not only was I self-motivated, but also had others to push me in anytime I questioned ability or myself.


What was your biggest accomplishment during high school?

Academically, graduating in the top 12 students of my class was huge. Athletically, my state showings and championship was also impactful. Moreover, the impact I left on students and staff was most acknowledgeable. I wasn't just a track star or a nerd but a person who was relatable and influential for reasons other than popularity. I was a person who motivated students to push and accomplish their goals.


What are some of your goals for the season?

For this season my main goal is to improve and become faster and stronger. Also to find what events I will be most prosperous in at the college level. Once those are figured out I would like to compete in the ACC championships.


What do you feel was the biggest challenge you came across in since your arrival?

My biggest challenge would be time management. It is truly difficult to find a healthy balance of social time, academic time and rest, because each week some areas need more attention than others.


What is/are the biggest difference(s) between high school training and it now on at the collegiate level?

From my personal experience, the weight room is a huge change. In high school I spent minimal time in there with very little technique and very light weight.


What do you do to prepare right before a meet?

Hydrate, rest, eat good carbs and protein, and pray.


What do you do away from practice and studying to relax?

I enjoy socializing. I have conversations with many people to gain knowledge of different perspectives and hope to leave an impact on others. I like watching movies, walking around, experiencing new things. Also I love my much needed girl time.


Three words to describe you and why?

Special. Goofy. Empathetic. I chose these words because I enjoy connecting with other's being there for them as an advisor or a listener. I am also very silly and random at times. And it has been very seldom that someone has acknowledged knowing someone like me.