Published 01/18/2013
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Miami Athletics Staff Directory

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University of Miami Intercollegiate Athletics
University of Miami Athletics
5821 San Amaro Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Main Switchboard: (305) 284-3822 | Ticket Office: (305) 284-2263
Name  Position Contact
Blake James Director of Athletics 305-284-2689 Email
Tony Hernandez Deputy Director of Athletics 305-284-3282 Email
Jennifer Strawley Deputy Director of Athletics / SWA 305-284-2651 Email
Jason Layton Senior Associate AD / Communications & Sales 305-284-3231 Email
Tim Wise Senior Associate AD / Facilities & Event Operations 305-284-8309 Email
Craig Anderson
Senior Associate AD / Compliance 305-284-5542 Email
Debbie Gentile Administrative Support 305-284-2689 Email
Monica Bustillo Administrative Assistant 305-284-2674 Email
Academic Services/Life Skills
 Name  Position  Contact
David Wyman Associate AD / Academic Services 305-284-3243 Email
Demetreus Darden Assistant AD / Academic Services & Director of Football Academics 305-284-3389 Email
Chaunte Baldwin Director, Athletics Academic Services 305-284-3243 Email
Shirelle Jackson Director, Student-Athlete Development 305-284-3243 Email
Michael Imeokparia Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator 305-284-2652 Email
Dr. Barbara Stratton Academics Learning Specialist 305-284-4068 Email
Heather Koutrakos Academic Advisor 305-284-1951 Email
Mildred Triana Academic Advisor 305-284-6052 Email
Latrice Hunter Administrative Support 305-284-3243 Email
Athletic Communications - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Tom Symonds Assistant AD / Communications (Football, Golf) 305-284-3248 Email
Amy (Woodruff) LaBrie Associate Director (Men's Basketball, Men's Tennis) 305-284-3241 Email
Camron Ghorbi Assistant Director (Football, Baseball, Swim & Dive) 305-284-3230 Email
Alex Schwartz Assistant Director (Football, Women's Basketball, Soccer, Women's Tennis) 305-284-3249 Email
David Villavicencio Assistant Director (Football, Volleyball, Track, Rowing) 305-284-3244 Email
Business Office - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Josh Boone Associate AD / Business Operations 305-284-1679 Email
Jeff Bott Associate Director for Business Operations 305-284-2892 Email
Dorothy Lewis Assistant Director for Business Operations 305-284-2783 Email
Julia Kincade Assistant Director of Athletic Accounting 305-284-8831 Email
Karai Lockley Accountant 305-284-4518 Email
Lisette Garcia Administrative Assistant 305-284-6529 Email
Compliance - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Craig Anderson Senior Associate AD / Compliance 305-284-5542 Email
Dan Raben Assistant AD / Compliance, Eligibility 305-284-8457 Email
Sheri Dooley Associate Compliance Director, Student Services 305-284-4428 Email
Scott Cypen Assistant Compliance Director, Monitoring 305-284-2844 Email
Megan Klein Assistant Compliance Director, Rules Education 305-284-8232 Email
Development, Hurricane Club - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Jesse Marks Associate AD / Development 305-284-6699 Email
Chris Cohen Assistant AD / Major Gifts 305-284-4810 Email
Emily Boone Director of Development – Annual Giving 305-284-2734 Email
Rick Remmert Director of Alumni Programs 305-284-9517 Email
Alfonso Restrepo Assistant Director of Development for Major Gifts 305-284-6705 Email
Dillon Boggs Assistant Director of Development 305-284-8764 Email
Jon Gombinski Assistant Director of Development 305-284-9519 Email
Sandi West Events Planner, Alumni Programs 305-284-6480 Email
Crystal Demps Administrative Assistant  305-284-6699 Email
Dylan Feinstein Intern 305-284-6699 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
David Case Director of Equipment 305-284-5173 Email
Mike Salemi Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-6771 Email
Brad Anderson Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-5173 Email
Daniel Bogenschutz Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-6771 Email
Facilities & Events
 Name  Position  Contact
Michael Turner Assistant AD / Events and Operations 305-284-1318 Email
Melissa Harris Assistant Director of Events 305-284-4611 Email
Michael Cox Event Operations Coordinator 305-284-5324 Email
Ira Stanley Director of Facilities 305-284-2923 Email
Daniel Metrie Building Facilities Supervisor 305-284-3999 Email
Rodolfo Figueroa Senior Maintenance Mechanic 305-284-2923 Email
Bennie Avila Security Officer 305-284-3999 Email
Ray Lopez IT Manager 305-284-3486 Email
Reina Rosas Administrative Assistant, Schwartz Center 305-284-3532 Email
Doris Thompson Receptionist, Hecht Athletic Center 305-284-3822 Email
Human Resources
 Name  Position  Contact
Jose Capote Human Resources Manager 305-284-2488 Email
Hurricane Sports Properties
 Name  Position  Contact
Duffy House General Manager 305-284-8373 Email
Nate Krum Account Executive 305-284-8990 Email
Casey Dellapenna Account Executive 305-284-4808 Email
Brandon Loker Account Executive 305-284-5973 Email
Katie Cutler Sponsor Services Coordinator 305-284-2491 Email
Marketing & Creative Services
 Name  Position  Contact
Brian Bowsher Associate AD / Marketing & Digital Strategy 305-284-3245 Email
Lindy Sparby Director of Marketing 305-284-2678 Email
Leah Gross Associate Director of Marketing 305-284-3236 Email
Alejandro Rengifo Assistant Director of Marketing 305-284-3242 Email
Tim Brogdon Assistant Director of Digital Strategy 305-284-1736 Email
Leo Ramos Graphic Designer 305-284-3238 Email
Kyle Stopperan Graphic Designer   Email
Drew Thomas Manager, Production Services 305-284-3087 Email
Shadé Olasimbo Manager, Production Services   Email
Jimmie Nelson Video Production Specialist   Email
Catalina Gutierrez Video Production Specialist   Email
KC Hahey Video Production Specialist   Email
Anthony Lestochi Video Production Specialist   Email
Jason Franko Associate Director of Marketing & Sales 305-284-9484 Email
Maddie Hasbrouck Marketing Assistant 305-284-3382 Email
Premium Seating
 Name  Position  Contact
Ben Creed Associate AD / Premium Seating & Corporate Development 305-284-8581 Email
Sports Medicine - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Vinny Scavo Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Training  305-284-4528 Email
Luis Feigenbaum Director of Rehabilitation 305-284-4876 Email
Dr. Lee Kaplan Team Medical Director 305-325-5751 Email
Dr. Michael Baraga Sports Medicine Specialist and Orthopedic Surgeon 305-243-3000 Email
Dr. Clifton L. Page Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician 305-689-0100 Email
Dr. Ivette Guttmann Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician 305-243-3000 Email
Alana Brown Associate Athletic Trainer 305-284-8269 Email
Jason Robey Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-8266 Email
Hiroshi Powell Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-5172 Email
Karl Rennalls Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4735 Email
Simona Latino Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-5062 Email
Dustin West Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-5056 Email
Lesley-Anne King Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4734 Email
Naoki Negishi Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4873 Email
Natalie Fontela Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4936 Email
Amanda Fernandez Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4131 Email
Hailey Fields Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-6312 Email
Rachel Rothstein Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4131 Email
Maureen Sanchez Insurance Representative 305-284-3578 Email
Strength & Conditioning
 Name  Position  Contact
Gus Felder Director of Strength and Conditioning 305-284-4854 Email
John Thomas Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach 305-284-4854 Email
Kelin Johnson Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning 305-284-4854 Email
Cols Colas Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4978 Email
Victor Ishmael Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4847 Email
Andrew Klich Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4851 Email
Steve Felde Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-9963 Email
Brian Gabriel Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4844 Email
Tyler Farwell Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-9962 Email
Ticket Sales & Operations - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Brent Crank Associate AD / Ticket Sales & Operations 305-284-8153 Email
Tim Cavanaugh Assistant AD / Ticket Operations 305-284-5903 Email
Enrique Bradfield Director of Ticket Operations 305-284-6037 Email
Andrew Posen Assistant Director for Ticket Operations 305-284-8225 Email
Nora Horning Assistant Director for Ticket Operations 305-284-2657 Email
Zach Bingham Assistant Director for Ticket Operations 305-284-2503 Email
Alyssa Scavo Accountant - Ticket Operations 305-284-8657 Email
Mackie Feierstein Assistant AD / Ticket Sales 305-284-8228 Email
Brad Matthews Account Executive for Ticket Sales 305-284-6743 Email
Sean Lawrence Account Executive for Ticket Sales 305-284-5954 Email
Logan Davis Account Executive for Group Sales
305-284-8276 Email
Steve Greenblatt Account Executive for Ticket Sales 305-284-6745 Email
J.J. Greenstein Account Executive for Ticket Sales 305-284-8198 Email
Stephen Marbert Account Executive for Ticket Sales 305-284-9547 Email
Cesar Ferreiro Account Executive for Ticket Sales 305-284-9111 Email
Video Services
 Name  Position  Contact
Andrew Rossetti Video Coordinator 305-284-2163 Email
Jared Myers Assistant Coordinator, Videos & Computers 305-284-2163 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Jim Morris Head Coach 305-284-4171 Email
Gino DiMare Assistant Head Coach & Recruiting Coordinator / Hitters 305-284-4171 Email
J.D. Arteaga Assistant Coach / Pitching Coach 305-284-2074 Email
Norberto Lopez Assistant Coach / Catchers 305-284-4171 Email
Robert 'G.M.' McDaniel Director of Baseball Operations 305-284-1510 Email
Liliana Macias Administrative Assistant 305-284-4171 Email
Men's Basketball
 Name  Position  Contact
Jim Larrañaga Head Coach 305-284-2680 Email
Chris Caputo Associate Head Coach 305-284-2780 Email
Jamal Brunt Assistant Coach  305-284-2780 Email
Adam Fisher Assistant Coach 305-284-2780 Email
James Johnson Director of Men's Basketball Operations 305-284-2780 Email
Jaime Vathielil Associate Director of Operations / Video Coordinator 305-284-2780 Email
Monica Mengotti Coordinator of Basketball Operations 305-284-2780 Email
Reggie Bouchard Administrative Assistant 305-284-2680 Email
Women's Basketball
 Name  Position  Contact
Katie Meier Head Coach 305-284-5802 Email
Octavia Blue Assistant Coach  305-284-8239 Email
Tia Jackson Assistant Coach 305-284-5803 Email
Fitzroy Anthony Assistant Coach 305-284-5808 Email
Lonnette Hall Director of Basketball Operations / Coordinator of Recruiting Operations 305-284-5805 Email
Margie Gill Director of Basketball Operations / Special Assistant to Head Coach 305-284-5802 Email
Sarah Smoak Director of Video Operations 305-284-8676 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Mark Richt Head Coach  305-284-2674 Email
Manny Diaz Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers 305-284-2563 Email
Thomas Brown Offensive Coordinator / Running Backs 305-284-2563 Email
Craig Kuligowski Assistant Coach / Defensive Line 305-284-2563 Email
Mike Rumph Assistant Coach / Cornerbacks 305-284-2563 Email
Ephraim Banda Assistant Coach / Safeties 305-284-2674 Email
Stacy Searels Assistant Coach / Offensive Line 305-284-2563 Email
Ron Dugans Assistant Coach / Wide Receivers / Passing Game Coordinator 305-284-2563 Email
Todd Hartley Assistant Coach / Tight Ends / Special Teams Coordinator 305-284-2563 Email
Jon Richt Assistant Coach / Quarterbacks 305-284-2563 Email
Jake Flaherty Graduate Assistant (Slot Receivers) 305-284-3516 Email
Mike Zuckerman Graduate Assistant (Defensive Line) 305-284-2674 Email
Don Corzine Director of Football Operations 305-284-2563 Email
Brooke Wilson Assistant Director of Operations / Recruiting 305-284-4890 Email
Joel Rodriguez Director of Player Development 305-284-6831 Email
Kareem Brown Director of Player Development 305-284-2162 Email
Brandon Lumish Quality Control Analyst / Offense 305-284-2563 Email
Matthew Gazzillo Quality Control Analyst / Defense 305-284-2563 Email
Jonathan Patke Quality Control Analyst / Defense 305-284-2563 Email
Robert Wright Quality Control Analyst / Special Teams 305-284-2563 Email
Eric Josephs Director of Player Personnel 305-284-2563 Email
Jorge Baez Director of On-Campus Recruiting 305-284-4364 Email
Steve Dell Assistant Director of Player Personnel 305-284-4364 Email
Sebrina Beyer Administrative Assistant to Head Football Coach 305-284-2674 Email
Justin Wells Football Operations Assistant 305-284-2563 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Patti Rizzo Head Women's Coach 305-284-5018 Email
John Koskinen Assistant Coach 305-284-5001 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Dave Sanderson Head Coach 305-284-9198 Email
Taurii Kastning Assistant Coach/Recruting Coordinator 305-968-7549 Email
Briana Pittman Assistant Coach 786-774-1455 Email
TBA Rigger 305-284-3811  Email 
 Name  Position  Contact
Mary-Frances Monroe Head Coach 305-284-3640 Email
Kate Dylag Assistant Coach 305-284-4179 Email
Tim Hart Assistant Coach 305-284-5079 Email
Swimming & Diving
 Name  Position  Contact
Andy Kershaw Head Swimming Coach 305-284-9023 Email
Caroline Maxvill Assistant Swimming Coach 305-284-3593 Email
Randy Ableman Head Diving Coach 305-284-3639 Email
Dario Di Fazio Assistant Diving Coach 305-284-3639 Email
Men's Tennis
 Name  Position  Contact
Mario Rincon Men's Head Coach 305-284-4166 Email
Mark Dickson Assistant Men's Coach 305-284-4166 Email
Women's Tennis
 Name  Position  Contact
Paige Yaroshuk-Tews Women's Head Coach 305-284-5174 Email
Laura Vallverdu Women's Associate Head Coach 305-284-8876 Email
Sergio Velez Angel Women's Volunteer Assistant Coach   Email
Track & Field/Cross Country
 Name  Position  Contact
Amy Deem Director of Track & Field / Cross Country 305-284-2460 Email
Cory Young Associate Head Coach 305-284-5730 Email
Damon Griffiths Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 305-284-2062 Email
Shannon Hatchett Assistant Coach 305-284-2460 Email
Jerel Langley Assistant Coach 305-284-3821 Email
Cory Nelms Assistant Coach 305-284-9256 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Jose "Keno" Gandara Head Coach 305-284-5765 Email
Sanja Tomasevic Assistant Volleyball Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 305-284-4532 Email
Kasey Crider Assistant Volleyball Coach 305-284-5076 Email