Greetings from the University of Miami Compliance Office:

The University of Miami has implemented a new football agent policy. We created a term called "Covered Individual" and that applies to anyone who serves as an agent, runner, financial planner, sports marketing representative, sports public relations firm, brand manager, and employees of any of those described. University of Miami football student-athletes, their parents, or representatives are not permitted to speak to Covered Individuals until the student-athlete has exhausted his eligibility. There is an exception to this rule if the student-athlete requests to speak to an agent and the athletic department coordinates and participates in the meeting that will take place in UM athletic facilities. In addition, the institution forbids any student-athlete with eligibility remaining to attend NFL draft parties or any other function where covered individuals will be present. Any student-athlete (or family and/or representatives of a student-athlete) found to violate the policy will face penalties ranging from practice and competition suspensions to removal from the team. Should you have any questions please contact us at 305-284-2692.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance regarding this policy.


Craig Anderson
Associate AD for Compliance

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