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Published 10/30/2012
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Tee Time with Lauren Riehle

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Welcome to the fourth installment of "Tee Time." For the past few weeks, has introduced fans to a new member of the five-time national champion University of Miami women's golf team. This week, we caught up with freshmen Lauren Riehle of Wesley Chapel, Fla.

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For the latest information regarding the Miami women's golf team, follow on Twitter at @hurricanesgolf.

Name: Lauren Riehle
Hometown: Wesley Chapel, Fla.
High School: Saddlebrook Preparatory
Major/Minor: Undecided

I'm a Hurricane because...  It's the best place in the world, and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. UM is the perfect place for me.
One thing that everyone should know about Miami Golf: We have so much raw talent and in a couple years we will be one of the best teams in the country.
At the U, I've learned so much from: Everyone, but mostly my coaches
The most influential person in my life is: My grandfather

My favorite thing about being part of the U family is: The incredible people that you are surrounded by.
My favorite golfer is: Rory McIlroy
My favorite midnight snack is: Chipotle
My favorite class is: American Studies
My favorite cartoon when I was growing up was: Dragon Tales
My favorite pro sports team(s): Tampa Bay Lighting
My favorite song right now is: We All Try by Frank Ocean
My favorite TV show right now is: American Horror Story
My favorite movie: Almost Famous
The actress I would want to play me in a movie is: Blake Lively

If I could play any other sport at UM, it would be: Swimming
Other than play golf, I love to: Scuba Dive and play Lacrosse
People might be surprised to know I: am going cage diving in South Africa with great whites
Most embarrassing moment: Nailing Coach Koskinen in the back with a golf ball
The farthest place from home I've been is: Ireland
I hate to admit it, but I love: Britney Spears
If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be: Elton John

Best friend on another college team: Paige Douglass (University of San Diego, Tennis)
My biggest pet peeve is:  When people walk slowly
My worst habit is: Biting my nails
If you walked into my dorm room, the first thing you would notice is: Cheetah print EVERYWHERE
When I was little, I wanted to be: The President
Now my dream job is: Professional Golfer

About my teammates:
Most competitive:
Rika Park
Best dressed: Coach Koskinen
Most intellectual: Carina Cuculiza
Most outspoken: Christina Ocampo
Most likely to win Dancing with the Stars: Leticia Ras-Anderica
Most likely to win American Idol: Rika Park
Most likely to bring down the house at a comedy club: Laura Hendee
Most likely to make a stupid remark in a team meeting: Christina Ocampo
Has the messiest locker: Christina Ocampo
Has the cleanest locker: Carina Cuculiza
Will be on a reality show: Christina Ocampo, Laura Hendee and I
Will be a head coach someday: Rika Park
Most likely to be President: Laura Hendee