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Published 11/08/2012
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Behind Enemy Lines - Week Ten: Virginia

Behind Enemy Lines is a weekly feature on, highlighting the passion of Miami fans in opposing team territory. And if you’re reading this from Tampa, Fla., give us a shout at @HurricaneSports – we want to hear from you.

This week's Cane "Behind Enemy Lines" ...

Adam Cataldi
Norfolk, Virginia

How did you become a Hurricanes fan?
"The origins of my Hurricane pride are still unknown to this day.  As a kid growing up in a Michigan State family, I strayed from the family norm and sought new colors - those being the magnificent Orange and Green.  I was inseparable from my Canes hat and was always seen with it.  This childhood interest grew into something special, and it has made me the ultra Canes fan I am today."

Do you find it difficult supporting Miami all the way from Virginia?
"Unfortunately being in the military, I do not always get to pick where I end up.  One thing is for sure, my Hurricane pride has only become stronger being in the heart of ACC country and so far from Coral Gables.  Living here in Norfolk, Va., so close to Virginia, Virginia Tech, UNC, Duke, and NC State only excites my Miami passion and I find myself as comfortable here as I am tailgating for a home game down in Miami."

Is there a place you visit to watch Hurricanes games in the city?
"Luckily I live near many ACC schools, so my favorite place to watch the Canes take the field is at our opponent's stadium, as I will be this weekend at Virginia!  If I am not lucky enough to have a game nearby, I watch the games here in my apartment which is full of Miami gear."  

Have you found any other Hurricanes fans in Virginia?
"With Norfolk being a military town, there are people from all over the country.  I have encountered many Hurricane fans here, especially since we are the most prideful.  These encounters are usually on the road as we pass each other with our car flags waving and we respond with the appropriate U hand gesture.  My favorite Hurricane fans to run into are when I'm pulling up to the gate on base and the gate guard signals me through and gives me the, "have a good day, it's all about the U!"  I always know those are going to be good days."

How do you support the Hurricanes – Any apartment decorations? Favorite piece of Canes gear? Travel for games?
"I have brought the majority of my Hurricane decorations here to my apartment.  The living room is appropriately showing the orange and green, while my bedroom is "in your face" Miami Hurricanes.  Whether I am watching the game in my living room, or traveling to the away games, I never leave without my No. 5 jersey (Andre Johnson at the time).  The jersey has been standing strong with me for many years, and it is beginning to show its age, but it will be awhile until I let it go.  If I am unable to show my pride through my clothing, my car flags are always flying high as I drive around Virginia."

Any favorite memories or stories from your time as a Hurricanes fan? 
"The Miami Hurricanes have been such a part of my life, it's tough to rate my memories.  Of course I loved the pure dominance of the early 2000's and the amazing feeling of winning a national championship.  If I had to pick one, I would say the 2010 game at Florida State.  It was my senior year at Miami, we made the long drive up to Tallahassee, and the game did not disappoint.  All four quarters were back and forth, and it was appropriately ended with a goal line stand by the Canes.  I will never forget the celebration in that stadium with my classmates and fellow Canes fans when we won that game."