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Published 11/13/2012
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Behind Enemy Lines: FGCU

Behind Enemy Lines is a weekly feature on, highlighting the passion of Miami fans in opposing team territory. And if you're reading this from Jacksonville, Fla., give us a shout at @HurricaneSports - we want to hear from you.

This week's Cane "Behind Enemy Lines" ...

Nick Ciletti

Fort Myers, Florida

How did you become a Hurricanes fan?
"Being an undergrad at UM, it's hard not to be a Canes fan! But I have to say, my "fan intensity" has increased dramatically since graduating. I really miss being on campus."

Do you find it difficult supporting Miami while living in Fort Myers?
"Not at all! Although I'm clearly outnumbered by the amount of Gator fans, I have no problem holding my own and representing the U here in Southwest Florida. There are a decent amount of other alumni and fans here, so that always helps!"

Is there a place you visit to watch Hurricanes games in the city?
"My couch is probably the best spot (unless my Gator roommate is trying to watch his team!)"

Have you found any other Hurricanes fans in Fort Myers?
"Yes. We're the best fans out there."

How do you support the Hurricanes - Any apartment decorations? Favorite piece of Canes gear? Travel for games?
"I have a Canes teddy bear someone gave me perched on my desk at work. I also have a giant foam finger sitting in my room back at home. I work as a news anchor in Fort Myers and have professed my love for the Canes several times on-air!"

Any favorite memories or stories from your time as a Hurricanes fan?
"When I was a freshman (way back in 2006) I freelanced for ESPN and helped them run cable for the FSU-UM Football game. It was awesome being right on the sidelines! At the time, I had no idea how intense the rivalry between FSU and UM is, but let's just say I learned very quickly and have never forgotten! Even though we lost and even though it poured pretty much the entire game, it was an unforgettable experience."