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Published 11/16/2012
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Behind Enemy Lines - Week 11: Tampa

Behind Enemy Lines is a weekly feature on, highlighting the passion of Miami fans in opposing team territory. And if you’re reading this from Durham, N.C., give us a shout at @HurricaneSports – we want to hear from you.

This week's Cane "Behind Enemy Lines" ...

Larry King
Tampa, Fla.

How did you become a Hurricanes fan?
"It started when I was 12 years old when I went to my first UM football game with my sister, who was going to UM. Miami lost to Norte Dame 44-0 and I remember staying uuntil the end and thinking how great it would be if Miami could ever beat the Fighting Irish. Flash forward to 1985, and I was in the Orange Bowl when we beat Notre Dame 56-7!  That game was payback for me 12 years later!"

Do you find it difficult supporting Miami all the way from Tampa?
"Well, while USF is the home team, this is a Gator town. The local sports paper on Sundays has the Gators as the headline, then the Noles, then the Bulls and the Canes are on page four. But there are many Canes fans here. I see license plates and stickers on many cars. I make it a point to reach out to show the U hand sign."

Is there a place you visit to watch Hurricanes games in the city?
I am very active in the alumni association and Hurricane Club. We have our game watch parties at CDB's Southside in Tampa, as well as the Cheval Athletic Club, which I own. When the Canes play USF here in Tampa, we have a BBQ tailgate that packs in more than 400 UM fans! Nothing is better than being in Raymond James Stadium and hearing 'We got some Canes over here!'"

How do you support the Hurricanes – Any apartment decorations? Favorite piece of Canes gear? Travel for games?
"I support the Canes in many ways. I am a season ticket holder, and I have also supported the Theodore G. Schwartz and Todd G. Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence. I am a alumni regional director and enjoy working with our groups in the southeast to support the Canes. My office is loaded with UM gear and my biggest challenge is dressing my kids in more UM gear than my wife's school...FSU (ugh)!  I like to travel to one to two games a year. This year I went to Chicago, and will be in Durham for the Duke game next week."

Any favorite memories or stories from your time as a Hurricanes fan? 
"So many to remember, but I think it will always be the first National Championship win at the OB in 1983. It was such a dream and a surreal feeling when the pass was broken up at the end that would have won the game for Nebraska. Miami was not supposed to have a chance and the way all the other bowl games played out that day, it gave us a chance. The entire day was dramatic and culminated with one of the greatest games in the history of college football."