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Published 01/18/2013
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Miami Athletics Staff Directory

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University of Miami Intercollegiate Athletics
University of Miami Athletics
5821 San Amaro Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Main Switchboard: (305) 284-3822 | Ticket Office: (305) 284-2263
Name  Position Contact
Blake James Director of Athletics 305-284-2689 Email
Jennifer Strawley Deputy Director of Athletics / SWA 305-284-2651 Email
Jason Layton Senior Associate AD / Communications & Sales 305-284-3231 Email
Tim Wise Senior Associate AD / Facilities & Event Operations 305-284-8309 Email
Jesse Marks Senior Associate AD / Development 305-284-6699  Email
Craig Anderson
Senior Associate AD / Compliance 305-284-5542 Email
Debbie Gentile Administrative Support 305-284-2689 Email
Monica Bustillo Administrative Assistant 305-284-2674 Email
Academic Services/Life Skills
 Name  Position  Contact
David Wyman Associate AD / Academic Services 305-284-3243 Email
Demetreus Darden Assistant AD / Academic Services & Director of Football Academics 305-284-3389 Email
Shirelle Jackson Assistant AD / Student-Athlete Development 305-284-3243 Email
Chaunte Baldwin Director, Athletics Academic Services 305-284-3243 Email
Michael Imeokparia Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator 305-284-2652 Email
Dr. Barbara Stratton Academics Learning Specialist 305-284-4068 Email
Heather de la Osa Assistant Director/Tutor Coordinator 305-284-1951 Email
Mildred Triana Academic Advisor 305-284-6052 Email
Aliana Valenzuela Administrative Assistant 305-284-3243 Email
Athletic Communications & Digital Strategy - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Carter Toole Associate AD / Communications and Digital Strategy (Football
305-284-3245 Email
Tom Symonds Assistant AD / Communications (Golf) 305-284-3248 Email
Amy (Woodruff) LaBrie Associate Director (Men's Basketball, Men's Tennis) 305-284-3241 Email
Camron Ghorbi Assistant Director (Football, Baseball, Swim & Dive) 305-284-3230 Email
Alex Schwartz Assistant Director (Football, Women's Basketball, Soccer, Women's Tennis) 305-284-3249 Email
David Villavicencio Assistant Director (Football, Volleyball, Track, Rowing) 305-284-3244 Email
Kevin Ivany Communications Assistant (Men's Tennis)   Email
Tim Brogdon Director of Digital Strategy 305-284-1736 Email
Kyle Stopperan Graphic Designer   Email
Taylor Lynn Digital Media Assistant 305-284-3238 Email
Business Office - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Josh Boone Associate AD / Business Operations 305-284-1679 Email
Erin Hardiman Assistant Director for Business Operations 305-284-2892 Email
Dorothy Lewis Assistant Director for Business Operations 305-284-2783 Email
Julia Kincade Assistant Director of Athletic Accounting 305-284-8831 Email
Lindsey Cugno Accountant 305-284-8583 Email
Karai Lockley Accountant 305-284-4518 Email
Cheyenne Cousineau Travel Operations Coordinator 305-284-6615 Email
Lisette Garcia Administrative Assistant 305-284-6529 Email
Compliance - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Craig Anderson Senior Associate AD / Compliance 305-284-5542 Email
Dan Raben Assistant AD / Compliance, Eligibility 305-284-8457 Email
Sheri Dooley Associate Director of Compliance, Financial Aid 305-284-4428 Email
Chris Johnson Associate Director of Compliance, Education  305-284-2844  
Caitlyn Francis Assistant Director of Compliance, Monitoring   305-284-8232 Email 
London Wood Eligibility Coordinator 305-284-8638 Email
Development, Hurricane Club - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Jesse Marks Senior Associate AD / Development 305-284-6699 Email
Chris Cohen Assistant AD / Major Gifts 305-284-4810 Email
Emily Boone Assistant AD / Annual Giving 305-284-2734 Email
Jon Gombinski Director of Development / Annual Giving 305-284-9519  Email
Dillon Boggs Director of Development / Annual Giving 305-284-8764  Email
Alfonso Restrepo Associate Director of Development / Major Gifts 305-284-6705  Email
Rick Remmert Director of Alumni Programs 305-284-9517 Email
Jessica Green Events Planner, Alumni Programs 305-284-6480 Email
Crystal Demps Senior Administrative Assistant  305-284-6699 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
David Case Assistant AD / Equipment 305-284-5173 Email
Mike Salemi Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-6771 Email
Brad Anderson Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-5173 Email
Daniel Bogenschutz Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-6771 Email
Kevin Collins Assistant Director of Equipment 305-284-5173 Email
Facilities & Events
 Name  Position  Contact
Michael Turner Assistant AD / Events and Operations 305-284-1318 Email
Michael Cox Assistant Director of Events 305-284-5324 Email
Iva Earley Assistant Director of Events 305-284-4611 Email
Ira Stanley Director of Facilities 305-284-2923 Email
Brandan Williams Building Facility Coordinator 305-284-3999 Email
Rodolfo Figueroa Senior Maintenance Mechanic 305-284-2923 Email
Ray Lopez IT Manager 305-284-3486 Email
Reina Rosas Administrative Assistant, Schwartz Center 305-284-3532 Email
Bianca Currie Receptionist, Hecht Athletic Center 305-284-3822 Email
Facility Rentals     Email
Human Resources
 Name  Position  Contact
Jose Capote Human Resources Manager 305-284-2488 Email
Hurricane Sports Properties
 Name  Position  Contact
Shawn Kuzmin General Manager 305-284-8373 Email
Casey Dellapenna Account Executive 305-284-4808 Email
Brandon Loker Account Executive 305-284-5973 Email
Connor Towne Property Assistant 305-284-2491 Email
Marketing & Creative Services
 Name  Position  Contact
Lindy Sparby Director of Marketing 305-284-2678 Email
Alejandro Rengifo Assistant Director of Marketing 305-284-3242 Email
Danielle White Assistant Director of Marketing 305-284-3382 Email
Drew Thomas Director of Production Services 305-284-3087 Email
Shadé Olasimbo Manager, Production Services  305-284-9232 Email
Jimmie Nelson Video Production Specialist 305-284-9816  Email
Catalina Gutierrez Video Production Specialist 305-284-2972  Email
KC Hahey Video Production Specialist 305-284-9823  Email
Anthony Lestochi Video Production Specialist 305-284-9822  Email
Jason Franko Associate Director of Marketing & Sales 305-284-9484 Email
Premium Seating
 Name  Position  Contact
Ben Creed Associate AD / Premium Seating & Corporate Development 305-284-8581 Email
Sean Lawrence Premium Seating & Corporate Development 305-284-5954 Email
Stephen Marbert Premium Seating & Corporate Development 305-284-9547 Email
Sports Medicine - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Vinny Scavo Associate AD / Athletic Training  305-284-4528 Email
Luis Feigenbaum Director of Rehabilitation 305-284-4876 Email
Dr. Lee Kaplan Team Medical Director 305-325-5751 Email
Dr. Michael Baraga Sports Medicine Specialist and Orthopedic Surgeon 305-243-3000 Email
Dr. Clifton L. Page Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician 305-689-0100 Email
Dr. Carolyn Kienstra Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician 305-243-3000 Email
Tristen Asken Football Rehabilitation Coordinator 305-284-4535 Email
Julia Rapicavoli Staff Physical Therapist   Email
Javier Jimenez Assistant Athletic Trainer   Email
Hannah Arndt Assistant Athletic Trainer  305-284-4936 Email
Hiroshi Powell Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-5172 Email
Karl Rennalls Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4735 Email
Simona Latino Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-5062 Email
Dustin West Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-5056 Email
Lesley-Anne King Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4734 Email
Naoki Negishi Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4873 Email
Natalie Fontela Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4936 Email
Amanda Fernandez Athletic Trainer 305-284-4131 Email
Hailey Fields Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-6312 Email
Taylor Boucher Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4131 Email
Josh McKinney Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 305-284-4131 Email
Maureen Sanchez Insurance Representative 305-284-3578 Email
Strength & Conditioning
 Name  Position  Contact
Gus Felder Director of Strength and Conditioning, Football 305-284-4854 Email
Steve Felde Director of Olympic Sports Performance 305-284-9963 Email
John Thomas Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football 305-284-4854 Email
Jeremy Roberts Assistant Strength Coach, Football 305-284-4854 Email
Victor Ishmael Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4847 Email
Andrew Klich Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4851 Email
Brian Gabriel Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4844 Email
Miguel Rivera Assistant Strength Coach 305-284-4854 Email
Ticket Sales & Operations - Department Page
 Name  Position  Contact
Brent Crank Associate AD / Ticket Sales & Operations 305-284-8153 Email
Tim Cavanaugh Assistant AD / Ticket Operations 305-284-5903 Email
Andrew Posen Assistant Director for Ticket Operations 305-284-8225 Email
Zach Bingham Assistant Director for Ticket Operations 305-284-2503 Email
Mackie Feierstein Assistant AD / Ticket Sales 305-284-8228 Email
Leah Gross Associate Director of Special Events and Community Relations 305-284-3236  Email
Logan Davis Account Executive 305-284-8276 Email
Cesar Ferreiro Account Executive 305-284-9111 Email
Steve Greenblatt Account Executive 305-284-6745 Email
J.J. Greenstein Account Executive 305-284-8198 Email
Rebecca Hayes Account Executive 305-284-8761 Email
Ani Pendurthi Account Executive 305-284-8751 Email
Dan Boyd Director, Client Experience 305-284-9932 Email
Danielle Addicott Client Experience Specialist 305-284-9857 Email
Mike Kwiatkowski Client Experience Specialist 305-284-9771 Email
Video Services
 Name  Position  Contact
Andrew Rossetti Video Coordinator 305-284-2163 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Jim Morris Head Coach 305-284-4171 Email
Gino DiMare Associate Head Coach & Recruiting Coordinator / Hitters 305-284-4171 Email
J.D. Arteaga Assistant Coach / Pitching Coach 305-284-2074 Email
Norberto Lopez Assistant Coach / Catchers 305-284-4171 Email
Robert 'G.M.' McDaniel Director of Baseball Operations 305-284-1510 Email
Liliana Macias Administrative Assistant 305-284-4171 Email
Men's Basketball
 Name  Position  Contact
Jim Larrañaga Head Coach 305-284-2680 Email
Chris Caputo Associate Head Coach 305-284-2780 Email
Jamal Brunt Assistant Coach  305-284-2780 Email
Adam Fisher Assistant Coach 305-284-2780 Email
Lamont Franklin Director of Men's Basketball Operations   Email
Jeff Dyer Associate Director of Operations   Email
Monica Mengotti Coordinator of Basketball Operations - Camps and Recruiting 305-284-2780 Email
Reggie Bouchard Assistant to Coach Larrañaga 305-284-2680 Email
Women's Basketball
 Name  Position  Contact
Katie Meier Head Coach 305-284-5802 Email
Octavia Blue Assistant Coach  305-284-8239 Email
Tia Jackson Assistant Coach 305-284-5803 Email
Fitzroy Anthony Assistant Coach 305-284-5808 Email
Lonnette Hall Director of Basketball Operations / Coordinator of Recruiting Operations 305-284-5805 Email
Margie Gill Director of Basketball Operations / Special Assistant to Head Coach 305-284-5802 Email
Michael Whalen Coordinator of Video Operations 305-284-8676 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Mark Richt Head Coach  305-284-2674 Email
Manny Diaz Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers 305-284-2563 Email
Thomas Brown Offensive Coordinator / Running Backs 305-284-2563 Email
Craig Kuligowski Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Line 305-284-2563 Email
Ron Dugans Assistant Coach / Wide Receivers / Passing Game Coordinator  305-284-2563 Email 
Stacy Searels Assistant Coach / Offensive Line   305-284-2563 Email 
Todd Hartley Assistant Coach / Tight Ends / Special Teams Coordinator   305-284-2563  Email 
Mike Rumph Assistant Coach / Cornerbacks 305-284-2563 Email
Ephraim Banda Assistant Coach / Safeties 305-284-2674 Email
Jon Richt Assistant Coach / Quarterbacks 305-284-2563 Email
Alex Devine Graduate Assistant / Defense 305-284-2674  Email
Jake Flaherty Graduate Assistant / Offense 305-284-2674 Email
Matthew Gazzillo Graduate Assistant / Defense  305-284-2674  Email
David Cooney Quality Control Analyst / Offense   305-284-2563 Email
Brandon Lumish Quality Control Analyst / Offense   305-284-2563 Email
Greg Nosal  Quality Control Analyst / Offense   305-284-2563 Email
Mike Zuckerman
Quality Control Analyst / Defense  305-284-2563 Email
Jonathan Patke Quality Control Analyst / Defense 305-284-2563 Email
Don Corzine Director of Football Operations 305-284-2563 Email
Matt Doherty Director of Player Personnel 305-284-2563 Email
Joel Rodriguez Director of Player Development / Offense 305-284-6831 Email
Kareem Brown Director of Player Development / Defense 305-284-2162 Email
Leo Ramos Football Creative Director   Email
Jorge Baez Assistant Director of Player Personnel / Recruiting Operations 305-284-4364 Email
Chip Francoforte Assistant Director of Player Personnel  305-284-2563 Email
Kyle Bellamy Director of Football Nutrition and Performance   Email
Brooke Wilson Assistant Director of Operations / Recruiting Relations 305-284-4890 Email
Sebrina Beyer Administrative Assistant to Head Football Coach 305-284-2674 Email
Justin Wells Assistant Director of Football Operations 305-284-2563 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Patti Rizzo

Head Coach

305-284-5018 Email
John Koskinen Associate Head Coach 305-284-5001 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Dave Sanderson Head Coach 305-284-9198 Email
Briana Pittman Assistant Coach 786-774-1455 Email
Claire Frenkel Assistant Coach  305-284-3811 Email
Lindsay Shoop Graduate Assistant Coach 305-284-5855 Email
Erick Thiemke Rigger 305-284-3811  Email 
 Name  Position  Contact
Mary-Frances Monroe Head Coach 305-284-3640 Email
Kate Dylag Assistant Coach 305-284-4179 Email
Tim Hart Assistant Coach 305-284-5079 Email
Swimming & Diving
 Name  Position  Contact
Andy Kershaw Head Swimming Coach 305-284-9023 Email
Caroline Maxvill Assistant Swimming Coach 305-284-3593 Email
Randy Ableman Head Diving Coach 305-284-3639 Email
Dario Di Fazio Assistant Diving Coach 305-284-3639 Email
Men's Tennis
 Name  Position  Contact
Aljosa Piric Men's Head Coach 305-284-4166 Email
Petar Danolic Assistant Men's Coach 305-284-4166 Email
Women's Tennis
 Name  Position  Contact
Paige Yaroshuk-Tews Women's Head Coach 305-284-5174 Email
Laura Vallverdu Women's Associate Head Coach 305-284-8876 Email
Track & Field/Cross Country
 Name  Position  Contact
Amy Deem Director of Track & Field / Cross Country 305-284-2460 Email
Cory Young Associate Head Coach 305-284-5730 Email
Damon Griffiths Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 305-284-2062 Email
Shannon Hatchett Assistant Coach 305-284-2460 Email
Diego Flaquer Assistant Coach 305-284-3821 Email
Keith Herston Assistant Coach 305-284-9256 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Jose "Keno" Gandara Head Coach 305-284-5765 Email
Kasey Crider Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 305-284-5076 Email
Jillian Hadder Assistant Coach 305-284-4532 Email