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W. Tennis Wins ITA Kick-Off Opener, 7-0

Courtesy: Hurricanesports.com
          Release: 01/25/2013
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January 25, 2013

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The ninth-ranked Hurricanes moved to 3-0 on the season with a 7-0 victory over No. 56 Hawaii in the opening match of the ITA Kick-Off Weekend [Coral Gables region] at the Neil Schiff Tennis Center on Friday.

Miami will be relying on several freshmen this season and on this day, three young Canes delivered for their team. After taking the doubles point, UM's Clementina Riobueno, Deborah Suarez and Kelsey Laurente quickly sealed the win.

"We played really well on courts two, five and six today in singles," said Miami head coach Paige Yaroshuk-Tews. "I was happy with how thorough the girls were and how they were able to stay present mentally for their matches.
No. 56 Hawaii vs. No. 9 Miami
1-2 3-0
#1 Singles
1 2 3
  Katarina Poljakova 1 5  
  Lina Lileikite 6 7  
#2 Singles
1 2 3
  Martina Kostalova 0
  Kelsey Laurente
  #3 Singles 1 2 3
  Xenia Suworowa 6
  Melissa Bolivar 11
  #4 Singles 1 2 3
  Paulina Petriskova 6
  Stephanie Wagner
7 (3) 
  #5 Singles 1 2 3
  Kelsey Daguio 1 0
  Clementina Riobueno
6 6
  #6 Singles 1 2 3
  Rebecca Faltusz 0
  Deborah Suarez
  #1 Doubles 1 2  
  Lileikite/Wagner unf    
  #2 Doubles 1 2  
  Petriskova/Kostalova 1    
  Bolivar/Riobueno 8    
  #3 Doubles 1 2  
  Laurente/Dubins 8

Riobueno and Suarez, playing at No. 5 and 6 singles, respectively, breezed through their matches. Riobueno downed Hawaii's Kelsey Daguio, 6-1, 6-0, while Suarez put away Rebecca Faltusz flawlessly, 6-0, 6-0.

Laurente, the Hurricanes' highest ranked singles player at No. 51, clinched UM's victory with a 6-0, 6-1 match at the No. 2 position over Martina Kostalova.

Another freshman, Stephanie Wagner, ranked No. 92 in the latest ITA rankings, won her match in straight sets as well at the No. 4 position, but needed a first set tie-break on her way to defeating Paulina Petriskova, 7-6 (7-3), 6-3.

Sophomore Lina Likeikite, playing Friday at No. 1 singles, performed well in her first set (6-1) win over Katarina Poljakova, but needed to battle in the second to secure the win at 7-5.

Melissa Bolivar, one of two juniors on the team this season, didn't have a great start against Xenia Suworowa at the No. 3 position, dropping the first set, 4-6. However, the feisty Colombian worked a 7-5 victory in the second set, before winning a super tie-breaker, 11-9, to clinch the victory.

"Courts one, three and four fought hard," added Yaroshuk-Tews. But, they need to raise their level of play tomorrow to be successful."

Yaroshuk-Tews has said she expects a lot from her doubles teams this season and on Friday, they didn't disappoint. Laurente and Brittany Dubins improved their record to 5-1 on season with a 8-0 win over Daguio and Faltusz. Bolivar and Riobueno played equally as well in their point-clinching match, winning 8-1 over Petriskova and Kostalova.

"Doubles went well," said Yaroshuk-Tews. "We played with discipline and met our goals that we set for ourselves."

The Hurricanes will play Arizona State, who defeated Oklahoma, on Saturday. That championship match with begin at 2 p.m. Admission is free to the public. The consolation match between Oklahoma and Hawaii will begin at 10 a.m.

If the Hurricanes win Saturday, the Hurricanes would guarantee themselves a spot in the 2013 ITA National Women's Team Indoor Championship, held Feb. 8-11 at the University of Virginia's Boyd Tinsley Courts at the Boar's Head Sports Club in Charlottesville

For live stats from both of Saturday's matches, click here.

Singles competition
1. #57 Lina Lileikite (UM) def. Katarina Poljakova (HAW) 6-1, 7-5
2. #51 Kelsey Laurente (UM) def. Martina Kostalova (HAW) 6-0, 6-1
3. Melissa Bolivar (UM) def. Xenia Suworowa (HAW) 4-6, 7-5, 11-9
4. #92 Stephanie Wagner (UM) def. Paulina Petriskova (HAW) 7-6 (7-3), 6-3
5. Clementina Riobueno (UM) def. Kelsey Daquio (HAW) 6-1, 6-0
6. Deborah Suarez (UM) def. Rebecca Faltusz (HAW) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles competition
1. Lina Lileikite/Stephanie Wagner (UM) vs. Katarina Poljakova/Xenia Suworowa (HAW) unfinished
2. Melissa Bolivar/Clementina Riobueno (UM) def. Paulina Petriskova/Martina Kostalova (HAW) 8-1
3. Kelsey Laurente/Brittany Dubins (UM) def. Kelsey Daquio/Rebecca Faltusz (HAW) 8-0

Order of Finish:
Doubles (3,2); Singles (5,6,2,4,1,3)


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