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Published 02/12/2013
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Behind Enemy Lines: Florida State

Behind Enemy Lines is a weekly feature on, highlighting the passion of Miami fans in opposing team territory. And if you're reading this from Clemson, S.C., give us a shout at @HurricaneSports - we want to hear from you.

The Canes travel to Tallahassee for their final regular season match-up against rival Florida State. Miami won the first meeting in decisive fashion and this week's Cane "Behind Enemy Lines" hopes to witness a similar outcome...

Joseph Salzverg
University of Miami - class of 2010
Law Student, Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fla.

How did you become a Hurricanes fan?

"I am a five-time legacy. My mom, dad, uncle, and brother all graduated from UM before I did. I grew up and still am a rabid UM fan. It's the only college I applied to."

Do you find it difficult supporting Miami while living in Tallahassee?
"Not at all. My car, my wardrobe, and my tailgate parties are always decked out in UM colors and items. It may anger some people, but doesn't affect me in the least. I still show my colors proudly, although I don't wear UM gear when getting a haircut."

Is there a place you visit to watch Hurricanes games in the city?
"In football season, I would host tailgates and watch parties at my home with other UM alums and South Florida people. We always got together to support the Canes."

Have you found any other Hurricanes fans in Tallahassee?
"There is only one other UM alum in law school with me, but there are a good amount of Canes fans here overall. For example, my neighbor and even several FSU students are UM fans, too."

How do you support the Hurricanes - Any apartment decorations? Do you have a favorite piece of Canes gear? Travel for games?
"My car's license plate is a Canes plate. My apartment is decked out in UM gear as well. I have tons of Canes gear and wear it proudly."

Any favorite memories or stories from your time as a Hurricanes basketball fan?
"I will never forget going to the opening game at the BUC the day after we 'lost' the Fiesta Bowl in 2003. They addressed the blown call and spoke about the football team before the game started. It helped the healing process. Also, when I was a freshman or sophomore, we shocked the world and beat at top five-ranked Wake Forest team and I stormed the court with all of my friends. It was incredible."