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Published 04/03/2013
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Songs & Cheers

UM Alma Mater 
Miami U How-Dee-Doo
Hail to the Spirit of Miami U
Let's Go 'Canes
Blow Hurricanes
North Dade
In the Steps of Champions
Go 'Canes Go
Speed (Drum Cadence)

It's Great to Be
Dr. Who
Let's Go 'Canes
Here We Go Hurricanes
Whoosh Whoosh

Miami U
Miami, Miami, Miami, Hurricanes 
Drive, Drive, you Hurricanes 
Keep right on goin, up that scorin' 
Miami, Miami, Miami, Hurricanes 
Drive on over the goal and on to victory. 
M-I-A-M-I, M-I-A-M-I, fight,fight,fight.

Hail to the Spirit
Hail to the spirit of Miami U.
Hail to her pride and glory free.
Hail to her Orange, Green and White so true.
Hail to her fighting varsity!
Long may her banner wave o'er vanquished foes.
In our hearts may she always be.
Hail to the spirit of Miami U.
We pledge our faith and loyalty!

Alma Mater
Southern suns and sky blue water,
Smile upon you Alma mater;
Mistress of this fruitful land,
With all knowledge at your hand,
Always just to honor true,
All our love we pledge to you.
Alma Mater, stand forever
On Biscayne's wondrous shore.

The Band of the Hour
The University of Miami "Band of the Hour" received its name in 1948 as it was playing Fillmore's march, the "Man of the Hour" during a halftime performance in the Orange Bowl. The announcer spoke over the stadium public address, "The Man of the Hour played by the Band of the Hour!" The name caught on among students and the local press, and the band adopted it as its official title.