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Published 04/25/2013
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MTen Falls in ACC Tourney First Round to UNC

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The No. 9-seed University of Miami men’s tennis team dropped a tough 4-0 decision to No. 8-seed North Carolina today in the first round of the 2013 ACC Men's Tennis Championship at the Cary (N.C.) Tennis Park.

UNC struck first in doubles competition, as juniors Gabriel Flores and Diego Soto dropped an 8-4 final to 86th-ranked Brett Clark and Esben Hess-Olesen at No. 2 doubles. Wilfredo Gonzalez and Omar Aly, Miami’s top team, held a 7-5 lead over North Carolina’s 70th-ranked duo of William Parker and Nelson Vick. But Henrique Tsukamoto and Marco Stancati fell, 8-5, as the Tar Heels clinched the doubles point on court three.

No. 54 North Carolina vs. No. 55 Miami


#1 Singles
1 2 3
  #43 Esben Hess-Olesen 6  
  Diego Soto 0  3  
#2 Singles
1 2 3
  Brett Clark  6  
  Gabriel Flores 0  
  #3 Singles 1 2 3
  Nelson Vick  4    
  Wilfredo Gonzalez unf   
  #4 Singles 1 2 3
  William Parker    
  William Albanese unf   
  #5 Singles 1 2 3
  Oystein Steiro 6  6  
  Victor Mauz 2  
  #6 Singles 1 2 3
  Stuart Depaloa  5  
  Henrique Tsukamoto  1 unf 
  #1 Doubles 1 2  
  #70 William Parker/Nelson Vick 5    
  Wilfredo Gonzalez/Omar Aly 7 und   
  #2 Doubles 1 2  
  #86 Brett Clark/Esben Hess-Olesen 8    
  Diego Soto/Gabriel Flores 4    
  #3 Doubles 1 2  
  James Coxe/Oystein Steiro 8    
  Marco Stancati/Victor Mauz

In singles, North Carolina’s Clark claimed the first singles point with a 6-0, 6-0, win over Flores at No. 2 singles, giving the Tar Heels to a 2-0 advantage. North Carolina grabbed a 3-0 lead after Oystein Steiro downed senior Victor Mauz at No. 5 singles, 6-2, 6-0.

Hess-Olesen, who entered the match ranked 43rd in singles play, clinched the victory for the Tar Heels. Hess-Olesen downed Soto, 6-0, 6-3, at No. 1 singles.

The Hurricanes held two leads when play was halted, as Tsukamoto claimed the first set against Depaloa at No. 6 singles and Gonzalez led 5-4 in the first set in his match against Vick at No. 3 singles, but the two were unable to complete their matches as Hess-Olesen’s win stopped the action.

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Singles Competition
1. #43 Esben Hess-Olesen (UNC) def. Diego Soto (MIA) 6-0, 6-3
2. Brett Clark (UNC) def. Gabriel Flores (MIA) 6-0, 6-0
3. Nelson Vick (UNC) vs. Wilfredo Gonzalez (MIA) unf
4. William Parker (UNC) vs.William Albanese (MIA) unf
5. Oystein Steiro (UNC) def. Victor Mauz (MIA) 6-2, 6-0
6. Stuart Depaloa (UNC) vs. Henrique Tsukamoto (MIA) unf

Doubles Competition
1. Wilfredo Gonzalez/Omar Aly (MIA) vs. #70 William Parker/Nelson Vick (UNC) 7-5 unf
2. #86 Brett Clark/Eben Hess-Olesen (UNC) def. Gabriel Flores/Diego Soto (MIA) 8-4
3. James Coxe/Oystein Steiro (UNC) def. Marco Stancati/Victor Mauz (MIA) 8-5