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Published 08/14/2013
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#CanesCamp Notebook (August 14)

The Miami Hurricanes held their 13th practice session of #CanesCamp on Wednesday afternoon at the Greentree Practice Fields.

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  • #100Days Countdown to Kickoff: 16 days (Miami opens 2013 season Aug. 30 vs. FAU at 8 p.m. on ESPNU)
  • Sophomore RB Brandon Yosha and junior WR Rashawn Scott were in a red (non-contact) jersey, while sophomore DB Deon Bush and junior DL David Perry wore yellow (limited contact) jerseys.
  • Former Canes WR Davon Johnson was in attendance for practice Wednesday afternoon.
  • Junior QB Ryan Williams connected with sophomore WR Garrett Kidd on a 25-yard out route.
  • Senior LB Tyrone Cornileus recorded an interception off senior QB Stephen Morris.
  • Senior RB Eduardo Clements, who had a nice scrimmage performance Sunday, tore off a 25-yard run up the middle.
  • Williams later connected with freshman TE Standish Dobard up the middle for a 30-yard gain.
  • Junior WR Phillip Dorsett hauled in a nice 30-yard catch over the middle from Morris.

Al Golden on size vs. speed…
"I think we're fast. We still have enough speed. I would never encourage someone to gain weight if they would lose speed. I don't see any negative I think we're in good shape. We're where we should be to be honest with you. We should have 230-240lb linebackers and 285-305lb defensive linemen."

Golden on Eduardo Clements
"I wish I would have said more after the scrimmage to congratulate him... It's pretty amazing to think he went 9 or 10 months without anything and worked his way back. I grabbed him yesterday and said, 'I'm really proud of you.'"

Golden on preparing PK Matt Goudis for pressure…
"We scream. Loudly... We try to put him in stressful situations and make sure that he's embracing the moment and the pressure and not looking at it as the opponent. We have two of the best conditioned kickers and punters in the country. One guy looks like Drago (punter Pat O’Donnell) and the other guy (Goudis) is in really good shape and has good leg swing. I'm being serious."

Shane McDermott on the D-Line gaining weight…
"With everyone gaining weight, there's definitely been a difference. You can definitely feel it.  It's definitely raised more competition on the field."

Anthony Chickillo on Tuesday’s two-a-day practice…
“I thought it was a good day. Second practice was more special teams based. I felt like some guys earned their spot on the bus. There were some good efforts out there and I think we got better this year.”

Chickillo on helping younger guys get acclimated in the team…
“You’ve got to. You’ve got to help young guys, bring them along. Show them the right way to do things. That’s the only way we’re going to build the kind of team we want to build so we’ve got to do that.”

Chickillo on pass rush unit improvement…
“I think we’re a lot better. Individual guys have improved their skills, which makes the team better. I think we’re a lot better than we were. We were better in the spring, and I think we’re better now.”

Tyriq McCord on his switch to linebacker…
“It’s really no difference. After I’m starting to learn the game of football more now. It’s really pretty much the same thing I was playing last year it’s just that I’m standing up. And then, plus I’m in more space because I’m playing SAM Linebacker so there’s really not that much of a difference. I’m helping out my team by me moving to Linebacker I’m going to help us win the Championship. So it feels good to me.”