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Canes in Spain: Barcelona

          Release: 08/21/2014
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On August 12, the University of Miami men's basketball team embarked on a 10-day educational and competitive tour to Spain. Follow the Canes through Spain with updates on and socially on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at CanesHoops.





Don Quixote 

Canes in Spain







The Itinerary
The Hurricanes fly in to Madrid, will tour the city, then attend a UM alumni event at the Hotel Emperador on the first evening abroad. After a tour of Toledo on Thursday, the team will tour the Royal Palace then play a game vs. Eurocolegio Casvi on Friday. The team travels to Valencia on Saturday, then gets back to competition with a game against Albacete Baloncesto on Sunday. 

Monday brings more travel with a drive to Barcelona. On Tuesday, the team is expected to tour Montjuic Hill and Olympic Stadium, then Wednesday, after visiting Montserrat Hill the Canes face CB Quart in game three of the trip. The team wraps up the overseas excursion with its final game on Thursday against AEC Collblanc Torrassa, then fly back to Miami on August 22.

Tuesday, August 12
Travel to Spain

Wednesday, August 13
Arrive in Madrid, Spain
Hurricane Club event at the Hotel Emperador

Thursday, August 14
Tour Toledo

Friday, August 15
Tour Royal Palace
Game vs. Eurocolegio Casvi

Saturday, August 16
Travel to Valencia, Spain
Tour Valencia

Sunday, August 17
Game vs. Albacete Baloncesto

Monday, August 18
Travel to Barcelona
Tour Barcelona

Tuesday, August 19
Tour Montjuic Hill and Olympic Stadium

Wednesday, August 20
Game vs. CB Quart

Thursday, August 21
Game vs. AEC Collblanc Torrassa

Friday, August 22
Travel to Miami


The Games
The Canes’ four games will be played by FIBA rules (, which have a few differences from NCAA rules. Games in Spain will be four 10-minute periods instead of two 20-minute halves, and will play a 24-second shot clock. The lane is 16-feet wide, compared to the NCAA’s 12-feet, and the 3-point line is 22-feet, 1.7 inches, compared to the team’s usual 20-feet, nine inches. A quick rule comparison is charted below.

Duration of Game Four, 10-minute periods Two, 20-minute halves
Overtime Duration 5 minutes 5 minutes
Length Of Halftime 15 minutes (2 minutes between periods) 15 minutes
Size of Lane 16’ wide x 19’ long 12' wide x 19' long
Court Dimensions 91’ 10” long x 49’ 2.5” wide 94’ x 50’
Three-Point FG Distance 22’ 1.7” 20’ 9”
Shot Clock 24 seconds 35 seconds for Men
Shot Clock Reset FG attempt hits rim. FG attempt hits rim
Back Court Violation 8 seconds 10 seconds for men
Game Clock Stops After
Successful FG
Last two minutes of 4th period and overtime(s) Last minute of second half and last minute of overtime(s)
Player Foul Limit 5 5
Bonus Free Throw 5th foul per period (two FTs)
OT fouls count from last period
7th foul per half (one-and-one)
10th foul per half (two FTs)
Number of Players Permitted on Free Throw Lane 5 (three defensive, two offensive) 5 (three defensive, two offensive)
Timeouts Per Game 2 60-second TO in first half, 3 60- second TO’s in the second half – unused TO’s do not carry over between halves 4 75-second and 2 30-second TO’s per
game (non-televised)
Timeouts-Overtime 1 60-second per OT – unused timeouts from regulation do not carry over 1 30-second TO and unused 2nd half
30-second timeouts carry over
Timeouts Called By Coach only from scorer’s table Player in game or head coach from court
Jump Ball Alternating possession Alternating possession
Legal Alley-Oop Yes Yes
Touch Ball On/Above Cylinder Yes No
Closely Guarded For 5 Seconds Yes, within one meter
(while holding the ball only)
(while holding/dribbling the ball)
Number of Referees Two (sometimes three) Three
Size of Basketball Maximum Circumference
Men:          30”
Maximum Circumference
Men: 30"
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