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Published 05/10/2017
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Q&A with Mike Robinson

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - University of Miami rising junior guard Mike Robinson recently has been named a student-athlete admission ambassador for next year. caught up with the native of New Britain, Conn., to discuss his new role.


Being a student-athlete admission ambassador means a lot because not that many student-athletes really get involved on campus. To be involved in this ambassador program, it basically shows that I have the initiative to go out of my way to be involved and get the community involved.

The ambassador program is really just getting future athletes and students to really commit to come to the University of Miami and knowing that they can do anything they want if they set their minds to it. It basically is to give future students and athletes insight into what you can get involved with at the University of Miami, as well as how much you can get involved with at the University of Miami. A lot of people on the outside believe student athletes only come here to be student-athletes. They don't really think that they have much time to do anything else, but there is a lot more time to do everything else if you set your priorities straight.

My goals and expectations are to get people to come here.

On being a role model. I see myself as a huge role model. Because, like I said, not that many people think that student-athletes can do it. So, just to represent the basketball team and show that we are a positive representation in the community is an honor. So, I would say [I try to be a] huge role model.

Being an ambassador can help a lot in further enhancing my leadership skills on and off the court. Any small leadership things you can do will always help towards the main goal you are trying to achieve, which is being a leader in whatever your main sport is, really. Since basketball is my sport– we lost a few leaders–so hopefully, this will help me become a huge leader in that position so that I can take on leadership or anything, whatever is needed from me for the basketball team.

I believe it will play a huge impact on my future goals. It is a resume builder and it will help me build connections with people because I will be meeting people during the position. I will be meeting parents of student-athletes and everything. So if they like me, it will probably help me out in the future.