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Published 01/25/2013
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Behind Enemy Lines: Florida State

Behind Enemy Lines is a weekly feature on, highlighting the passion of Miami fans in opposing team territory. And if you're reading this from Virginia, give us a shout at @HurricaneSports - we want to hear from you.

Fresh off a dominant win over No. 1 Duke, the Canes host in-state rival Florida State in Coral Gables. This week's Cane "Behind Enemy Lines" was born and raised in Miami and now supports 'The U' in the heart of Nole country...

Fernando Foyo
Sophomore, Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fla.

How did you become a Hurricanes fan?

"I became a Hurricanes fan because I grew up at the Orange Bowl and Mark Light Stadium. I would go to football and baseball games all the time with some friends and my love for the Canes continued to grow as I got older. I went to Jim Morris' baseball camp every summer for about five years when I was younger. My mom went to Florida State, but living in Miami, the Hurricanes have always been my team. My dad is also a die-hard Canes fan."

Do you find it difficult supporting Miami while living in Tallahasse?

"I don't find it difficult to support Miami while living in Tallahassee at all. I have some gear up here that I wear around campus, a couple shorts and shirt, a hat and a bag. The rest of my gear is saved for when the Canes come up here to play. Whether it's baseball, football, or basketball, I am always there in my orange and green. I have another friend who is just like me and supports UM when they come up here, so I don't find it difficult at all to support 'The U' here."

Is there a place you visit to watch Hurricanes games in the city? Have you found any other Hurricanes fans in Tallahassee?

"I usually watch the Hurricane games in my apartment on TV because they don't really show them in public around here. I have found a couple of other Hurricanes fans in Tallahassee and we definitely stick together and let everyone know that the Canes are still our No. 1 team."

How do you support the Hurricanes - Any apartment decorations? Do you
have a favorite piece of Canes gear? Travel for games?

"I support the Hurricanes usually by just wearing their gear all around Tallahassee. My favorite piece of Canes gear is probably my shorts. They're reversible, comfortable and are orange and green. Can't get much better than that. I don't have anything too crazy decorating my apartment. I left all that stuff in my room at my house in Miami because most of it is autographed and pretty valuable. All of the the people I know up here know that I'm a Hurricane and they don't like that part of me very much."

Any favorite memories or stories from your time as a Hurricanes basketball fan?

"My favorite memories of Hurricane basketball have been watching talents like Jack McClinton play. Also, watching people like Jimmy Graham, who started in UM basketball but then went on to football and is now an NFL Pro Bowler. Of course, watching that beat down on No. 1 Duke at the BUC on ESPN on Wednesday is definitely the best basketball story I have."