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Published 03/04/2013
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Senior Spotlight: Kenny Kadji
The Canes wrap up their regular season this week with a pair of home games against Georgia Tech (3/6) and Clemson (3/9). With five seniors on the roster, is honoring a different one each day this week leading up to Senior Day on Saturday against Clemson. Today we chat with senior forward Kenny Kadji. 

Kenny Kadji
Douala, Cameroon, Africa
13.1 ppg, .376 3-pt%, 6.5 rpg

What is your favorite memory or moment as a Hurricane?

"Our first win against Duke last year up there was pretty fun. We hadn't done something like that in a long time. I think we had never won in that building. It was a first and it was a good thing."

What do you think of how your career has turned out?

"I think pretty good. It started kind of rocky at UF and things like that. When I came here, I didn't even know what to expect. I started with Coach Haith and then Coach L came so I think I had a pretty good two years here."

Are you happy with your legacy at Miami?

"I think so but it's not over yet. I think we did a couple good things last year. This year, we really have the program turned around."

What do you think of the future for Miami Basketball?

"It's very bright with a coach like Coach L and the coaching staff. I think it's going to be a very good team for a very long time."

What do you hope to do in your future?

"I want to play pro basketball and then after that, just try to find my way for work. My parents have businesses so I'd like to help them with that."

What do you think of the emergence of the basketball program? Does this feel more like a basketball school now that it did when you got here?

"With the team we had here it's great that it's actually happening this year. You always like to take a team that wasn't really recognized up to the No. 1 spot. I'm really proud that I'm part of this and I can help this team and this program have such a successful season."

What is something that few people know about this team?

"Few people know that we've been here all summer. Since last year, since we lost, no one went home and nobody had time off. We've been together as a team all summer working out and playing hard. I think everyone sees the success but no one knows what had to be done every day in the summer to get here."

What is your relationship like with the coaches and the rest of the team?

"It's great. Everybody is getting along. The coaches are great with us. We had last year to start bonding greater and I think the coaches did a great job of bringing us together."

What is the highlight of your career?

"It's going to be graduating from school. Obviously, I always felt like I was a pretty good basketball player, but school wise, graduating is going to be a very proud moment for me and my family."

What has it been like to help take this program all the way to No. 2 in the rankings?

"It has been great. When you get the recognition for all your hard work and people can see the talent and the effort this team has given and every time you get on campus people are congratulating you and telling you how good of a season you're having, it's a really cool experience. So just sharing that with your teammates and your coaching staff is great."

 What is your favorite Coach L story?

"One time, he was giving us a pre-game speech and he kind of took a charge and fell on the floor. Durand got him up and he was all excited. I thought it was funny."

 What do you think of the opportunities you've had at Miami?

"It's been great here.  Coach L is terrific with stuff like that.  We've traveled a lot and he gives you the opportunity to bond with your teammates. Hawaii was great for us. We had a great experience and we did a lot as a team. Last year we stayed on the road a couple times for two-game road trips and it gave us more time to stay together as a team. He's been great about giving the chance to spend quality time with your team."

How did you decide to attend Miami?

"It was difficult at first, but then I think it was the best thing for me. I started my career at Florida, but then I decided to transfer. I decided to come to the University of Miami because they were recruiting me out of high school already and my brother actually came to school here and is still in school, so I was going to stay close to the family. So I came here with Coach Haith and had a good relationship with Coach Haith, but he left and then Coach L came. I think we just did a good job of understanding each other and building a relationship and now its great. I'm thankful and blessed to have Coach L and this coaching staff here."

How have you developed under this coaching staff?

"I think I have developed a lot. Coach L is a great coach that utilizes kids to help the team. I've been able to do a lot more and play my game and it's been good for me."

Beyond basketball, what do you think of your time at Miami?

"It's been good. The bonding with the team, with the students in class and with teachers has been awesome. It's a great school, a good place to be. The campus is amazing at the University of Miami. There is just so much to do, like go to the beach. I've had the most unbelievable three years here."

Do you think you will remain involved at UM after you graduate?

"I'll definitely come to a basketball game or even a football or baseball game whenever I can. It's always good because there's always a great atmosphere.  We have some of the best fans here in Miami. Yeah, I will definitely be here after my career is over."

How did it feel to see your fellow students rush the court to celebrate the big win over Duke?

"It was great. It really showed that we were doing something special and I think that's where it started. That's when we just got ranked No. 25 and then we played the No. 1 team. People were getting excited about our team and seeing students lining up for the game shows that people around campus care about the team. They want to come see us play."

What is something you know now that you wish you would have known as a freshman?

"Just the work ethic and the things you have to do every day to succeed at this level like at practice, giving 110 percent every day and how you have to play in the game."

What does being a Miami Hurricane mean to you?

"It means everything. It's something that I can't explain. You feel it in your blood. It's something that's yours forever and you could say for the rest of your life that you are a Miami Hurricane and you graduated from the University of Miami. It's definitely not something that you feel everywhere you go. The way I've been welcomed here, people are really appreciating me and understand who I am and what my character is. People have really welcomed me with open arms. I've been blessed to be here."