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Published 10/25/2012
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#AskBlake Twitter Q&A Recap
Every Thursday, Interim Director of Athletics Blake James will host an #AskBlake Twitter Q&A. Below is a transcript of our latest #AskBlake chat. Be sure join us for our next #AskBlake session is tentatively scheduled for Thu., Nov. 1 at 1:30 p.m. ET by tweeting your questions to @HurricaneSports and @CanesAllAccess.

Oct. 25, 2012

BrianTheBeastLondon (@MiamiRadioBeast): When do you expect the Schwartz Center to be completed and when can we get a hard hat tour?
Blake James (@CanesAllAccess): first phase done in Feb, completed in August. Contact @Jessehmarks for tour!

Betsy Trinz (@BetsyT13): Last yr was told improvements to concourse area at ARod Park in the works. When will this be done?
Blake: just looked at drawings this am. Need to verify timeline / will follow up. Goal is before opening day.

joe U (@JoeUCane): What is your favorite part of the job? Are the bricks in place? can't wait to see my fam name permanently a part of U Campus
Blake: 2 be able 2 b part of our SA's achieving excellence! Also representing all of our SA's, coaches, staff and of course CaneNation!

Sebastian The Ibis (@UM_Sebastian): Have you voted for me at today?
Blake: voted early and vote often. Go Canes!

Richard Long (@RichLong7): Congrats on new post. Please comment on viability of a stadium being built at Tropical Pk or other site near to UM.
Blake: I am not sure about viability of a stadium at Tropical or elsewhere. If something was built, that made sense, we would evaluate.

Tuck (@allaboutthisu): will you be stepping in to make assistant coaching changes if head coaches won't do so?
Blake: I believe that you let HC surround themselves with the people they need to be successful. I will share thoughts and my view.